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How do I stop this *censored* Lag?

I normally don’t post when I’m at home because I save this time for actual gaming or maybe eating something.  However, there are times that just call for action and this is one of those times!  This has got to be the best fix yet for lag in a game:TR_Lag

Known Issue Workaround
There is an issue that causes extreme lag on Descent when your profanity filter is enabled. If you are going to Descent, turn off your profanity filter option located on the Game tab.

That was in the patch notes this evening when I logged into Tabula Rasa. I’m not even going to get into the part about the name of the zone in which this takes place and the fact that you have to put yourself through the torture of listening to the children banter on in full color.  It speaks for itself.

Just in case some people are actually experiencing this issue, here is the additional notes on this.

If you are on Descent and are unable to turn off your profanity filter, send a petition on an alternate character and remain online for GM assistance. If you cannot remain online, simply update your support ticket the next time you are able to log into the game.

Best fix ever.


November 20, 2007 Posted by | Tabula Rasa | | 6 Comments