Brackish Waters

how my gaming and life coalesce.

Personal Bio

Here you will find the occasional rant, opinion, brainstorm and story about gaming and MMO’s. You should probably expect more of this to be focused on how gaming has affected my life and how my life has made an impact on my gaming. While the ideas here may not be entirely sound or even remotely logical at times, you will always find this to be a place for original content.

I’ve been playing everything from FPS games to MMO’s since Wolfenstein 3-d. I’ve also ventured into website creation(PHP, HTML, Wiki), Video editing (Machinima), Technical Writing and now this blog site.

I am a 30 year old father and husband who lives in the northeast. Ask me to say Boston and I’ll slap you in the face. I started the blog back in June of 2007 and I plan on it continuing until either the carpal tunnel sets in or the wife nukes my computer.

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