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Character Journals

I’m making a new attempt at something that I never considered before. Maybe its the past 6 months spent on this and others sites writing and reading . Maybe its something that will not work and end up in the draft section after two posts, I’m not really sure as of yet.

What I intend this section to be is a bit of “In the life of a…” character journal for some of the games I am playing. I’m going to start with Tabula Rasa because its one of the most immersive stories I’m playing through at the moment but Pirates and EQ2 may offer more inspiration for the road ahead.

Thanks for checking out this page and please feel free to leave criticism. If you would rather send me private criticism, you can e-mail me at brackishwater[at]

Tabula Rasa LogoA Soldier’s Journal – Arrival
A Soldier’s Journal – Charlene

Updated: November 21st, 2007

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