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The last cry of Atys?

It looks as if one the best MMOs I have ever played is in jeopardy again.  I really don’t have much toHiya! say on this other than I had some of the best roleplaying experiences with this community and it has been my benchmark ever since.  I hope a publisher or company will choose to pick this up and give it the love it truly deserves.  I feel that it not only has the established lore but mechanics to be a great game.

For what its worth, I miss you too little Kami.


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My Saga of Ryzom

The recent episode of “Shut Up! We’re Talking” made me a little reminiscent of a game I used to play. Darren and Brent managed to drudge up a lot of old feelings and memories just by simply talking a little of their recent trial of Ryzom and their opinions about it. I’m sure the game has changed a lot since my time there but I’d like to write about it anyway.

Saga of Ryzom, as it was previously known, is the story of four races and how their lives intertwine with those of their Gods. I use Gods plural because at the time I played, there was much speculation as to if the world had one supreme being and who represents them on the planet. There are two larger factions in place that all Homins (races) will eventually interact with, the Kami and the Karavan. Much of the strife on the planet came from races aligning themselves with either of these two factions and the affects this loyalty had on the players. Continue reading

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