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Four crying out loud…

Im actually quite excited about this as its my first meme and I think it kind of makes it all official now that I’m here. So, I’m gonna procrastinate this order at work a bit more and crank out this list of four right now.

Four jobs I have had in my life (not including current job):

  1. Dog Groomer – (washing dogs is fun! not rly)
  2. Photography Lab Assistant – (work study)
  3. Pizza Delivery – (made some ridiculous bank here)
  4. Software Etc – (now Gamestop, EB or whatever. I got to play games for free though)

Four Movies I have watched over and over:

  1. Band of Brothers – (HBO series)
  2. Shaun of the Dead – (its campy and about zombies!)
  3. Veggie Tales – (because my son enjoys it)
  4. Underworld – (Its Kate Beckinsale)

Four places I have lived:

  1. Cambridge, Massachusetts – (Nice part of Boston)
  2. Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts – (Not nice part of Boston)
  3. Portland, Maine – (Nice city in southern Maine)
  4. Auburn, Maine – (Houses are pretty cheap here)

Four Shows I love to watch:

  1. South Park – (those guys will rip into absolutely anyone)
  2. Heroes – (one of the only shows I watch on TV)
  3. Firefly – (canceled unfortunately)
  4. CSI – (its gruesome and its grissom)

Four Places I have been on vacation:

  1. England
  2. Badlands
  3. Grand Canyon
  4. Montreal

Four of my favorite foods:

  1. English Muffins – (nooks and crannies)
  2. Bacon – (American, not Canadian)
  3. Steak Tips – (preferably wrapped in bacon and dipped in Horseradish sauce)
  4. Pork Tenderloin – (someone check my heart please)

Four favorite drinks:

  1. Hoegaarden – (White Beer)
  2. Allagash – (White Beer)
  3. Mountain Dew – (liquid crack)
  4. Orange Juice – (its like drinking the sun)

Four places I would rather be right now:

  1. At my home computer
  2. Reading an AARP magazine – (cuz that would mean I’m retired)
  3. Havasu Falls – (awesome place in the Grand Canyon)
  4. Playing Pirates of the Burning Sea – (release I mean, I just want this to come out!)

And I pass the torch on to…

Oh you poor souls.

  1. Rao – Gestalt Mind
  2. Joe Alex* –Average Joe
  3. Fred – MMOExplorer
  4. Heather – Errant Dreams

Thanks to p0tsh0t and Kevin for throwing this my way. If these things are supposed to be about self discovery then ill just say one thing: I’m going to lunch.



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