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WorkI’ve been spending the last week and a half preparing for a change of position at my current job and I have to say, it’s taking more of my time than I imagined.  If you liked the video review I did with TR you can imagine the job tutorials I’m currently writing.  I like to keep things clean and easy to understand and I’m not someone who is overly wordy about things as you can probably tell by the general length of most of my posts here.  I’m always one for polish and I tend to do more than is needed at times but I can’t argue with the outcome.

I want to thank those of you who have stopped by over the last couple of weeks because it definitely kept me going and I apologize for not posting more.  I’m spending most of my free time either reading while at work or playing EQ2 and TR when I’m at home.  I really wanted to get Rise of Kunark, but because I decided to get TR when it released my extracurricular funds are a bit low now.

To be honest I have been kind of disheartened over the past week with EQ2 as the areas we have been playing in have been less than stellar in terms of reward for the time invested.  We basically finished both Obelisk of Lost Souls and Bloodline Chronicles, being only at the very last part of Bloodline on Tuesday.  I’m not going to go into Bloodlines that much but receiving a level 1 potion as a reward is crap.  On that note, receiving a level 1 potion as a reward twice is absolute bullshit for the time it took me to finish those quests. /profanity

Obelisk was a little of a disappointment in terms of the number of quests only.  The only ones I could find were those picked up from mobs that were the typical book quests and then one for Summoning the Creator.  This went well and we managed to get all the way to the Vestibule inside the Obelisk before getting literally beaten back. We may return there again some day as the upper part of the Obelisk had some interesting hallways and a couple of closely spawning named mobs.  The layout here was probably one of the most interesting dungeons I have been in.

Have no fear though because this is all good news as there is nothing wrong with a raise before Christmas.  I may just have to celebrate by making a nice little stop by Gamestop and starting a new Sarnak character this weekend.  Wonder if my Iksar friend will mind…we are on Antonia Bayle after all.


November 16, 2007 - Posted by | EQ2, RL


  1. I understand your frustrations dude. Not from those 2 particular areas though… just in general. I entered the Obelisk once on accident and thought it definately looked like a cool place, but not something I could solo. As for the Bloodline Chronicle… well, that goes right along with Splitpaw… something I have never seen.

    That is one of the problems with my server. The people I know are all well above this content and have no interest in doing it again. The people I don’t know… well, let’s just say that the pickup groups I have joined have been a good study in idiocy.

    So, my play time is spent soloing… which is frustrating in the extreme. It gets boring to never have people to play with and I am definately limited with the types of quests and mobs that I can go against. I find that I have to slowly crank out many levels by doing hundreds of green quests because I can’t find any blues or whites and the yellows are no longer possible for me to solo.

    Fortunately for me, right as I start to really feel this frustration, my focus has changed and I am now only gaming for a few hours each week. As a result, what little time I do spend online seems pretty fun even if I’m not getting anything accomplished.

    Comment by rao | November 16, 2007 | Reply

  2. Bloodline Chronicles are worthwhile if you play a druid and only to get the mana regen ability it gives. Otherwise, not super and lots of grinding through instances you’ve done already… each one is neat the first time, but only then really. The rewards are below par and the final reward of having the vamp illusion? Meh. Lore wasn’t too bad though.

    Obelisk of Lost Souls is important – do they still have the access quest as a requirement to get in? Lots of named mobs on the outside so lots of loot to be had. On the inside, there are a few named and a (short) order to killing them. Yeah, and then there is the upper part with tons of named mobs.

    I believe you need the quests before going into that zone – oh, it is important because you there are a couple of pages you need for the Speak Like a Dragon Quest. That was used in the Prismatic Weapons quest and I believe in the Kingdom of Sky expansion.


    Comment by SmakenDahed | November 19, 2007 | Reply

  3. Thanks for the heads up Smaken. Yeah, the OoLS did have an access quest inside the temple that took some time to complete because of respawn timers but overall, not hard. I saw the locations for the Draconis stuff you are referring to and Im checking out that quest now.

    Looks like level 50ish contet but I just hit 45 last night and I wouldnt mind another interesting Hallmark quest. Yar Dragon!

    Comment by brackishwater | November 19, 2007 | Reply

  4. “Wonder if my Iksar friend will mind…”

    You know, I usually lose my shit around Sarnaks, but seeing as it’s you, I’ll keep the pummeling in check 😉


    Comment by Arcalian | November 21, 2007 | Reply

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