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A look back at October

Continuing with the new month end tradition of my blog wrap-up, lets take a look at October and see how scary a month it truly was.


  • Alex over at Average Joe decided it was best for the time being to take a break from blogging and focus more on real life commitments. Come back soon man!
  • Clockwork Gamer added Xeavn to the mix of writers there and opened up a new section devoted to some upcoming guides for Everquest 2.
  • Cuppycake and many others faced the fires of California and it looks okay for all.
  • Orange Box is the new crack.
  • Grouchy makes the move to a private domain. Mood change not guaranteed.
  • Rao makes me wish I had vacation time left over.
  • Heartless creates a Steam community and does a great writeup on TF2.
  • Many of my fellow bloggers have found either the dull-drums I had or simply the need for something new and have landed in the world of Everquest 2.
  • Wilhelm gets the Hulk inside of him free at last!
  • Bildo put out chapter 1, 2, & 3 of a great story that I highly recommend to anyone who likes the fantasy setting. The world sounds very cool. Ask him about Hellgate:London too.
  • Damiano dinged One this week and has some stats up at his blog. My traffic epeen just shrunk considerably smaller.
  • Some crap about a cake.
  • PvtHudson posted an epic article about MMO burnout, please read it as I care about all of you and I am waiting for the Blog-o-sphere guild to form.

Overall Blog-o-sphere morale: Temporarily satisfied.

  • Virgin Worlds hit the 2 year mark this month. Still my favorite site.
  • Channel Massive put out a new show that has a great round table on addiction.
  • Darren finally gets Grimwell on the show and manages to keep everyone on topic.
  • Tabulacast has launched over at VW and he sent me some linkage on my TR review. Thanks Sean. (I listen b/c he has a cool name)

Brackish News
I really think I forgot to post something about this at the beginning of the month but I made a second appearance on Darrens SUWT. What can I say, he promised me a bottle of Baileys and winter was around the corner.

I finally got iTunes this week. I had planned on writing a whole article about it but its a pretty bland topic and its not something I really wanted to do. Now that I have it, the hold is beginning to take place and I’m thinking about re-re-formatting my iPod back the original software. It seems Rockbox doesn’t like iTunes either.

My gaming has funneled down to me only playing EQ2 in my spare time and even still I have only reached level 39 as a Berserker and 35 as an Armorsmith. I guess thats pretty good as the wife is still sleeping in the same room and the boy is still porky and happy. Gotta balance out the life systems too!

With iTunes now on my PC, my list of shows is growing and I hope to update the right here with my top ten. There are many like EQ2’sDay, EpicDolls (WoW), and GameOver that make me wish I was sleepless like the marines in X-Files.

New Links

Top Search Engine Terms
human seducing games – I want no part of this.
veggietales mmog – I want every part of this.
animated person recycling in action – I don’t even know what this is, Soylent Green?

Forgive me if I missed any new linkage or important events that happened.


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