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Fighting the battle with two shields

SAWAs we get closer to winter here in the northeast, the business runs a little slower and the chatter in the office picks up. There have been some great quotes this year already but the following one prompted me to dedicated a post exclusively to its ignorance.

There was just some inane conversation about movies and children going around while everyone was still coming in and starting to go through their e-mail when someone mentioned that they had let their child see the movie SAW. From what I understand, this child is about 13 or so and watched it without their parent. One of the responses I heard was:

“Its not as bad as some of the stuff he is going to see on those online games he plays anyway.”

Wow. If I was playing SAW: The MMO every night I would probably either be a complete psychopath right now or have thrown my computer in the basement and taken up basket weaving as my new pastime.

I look at this statement as the go-to misconceptions of those that are older than I am and have yet to spend any time actually playing games that they feel they can make such a broad generalization about.

In turn, I feel I can make that broad generalization about this generation because 95% of the people I have met over 45 have no understanding about MMOs, PC games, or console games other than that which they have gleaned from either their child or the news. I don’t see this as a weakness in them unless they choose to try to speak about the subject to prove some point.

The conversation in my office then jumped to:

“I’d rather have my child look at boobies than watch that movie.”

Child here being early teen… okay I can see that. If I had a choice between explaining female anatomy and the psycho in the movie SAW, I’d break out the medical books. I’d rather have him know more about the physiology of himself and the girls he meets everyday than the sickness thats lurking in the mind of killer he will never know. Its really a no brainer.

I’ve played Manhunt before. I played it from start to finish in all its sick glory and it was… entertaining. Sick, but entertaining. At no point in my life will I ever decapitate a man with a plastic bag and then hang that head from my back pocket. Its just not going to happen. At no point am I going to let my son play that game while he is living in my house. Thats just not going to happen either.

I’ll be on top of everything that comes out because its not only my responsibility as a parent but also as a gamer. I need to be able to discredit those people who don’t know anymore than the media tells them and also ward off the rolling eyes of the 12 year old friends of my son in the future. I can already see it coming too. “Dude, lets just go over to my place and play it.” What can I do but play it from both ends? Its like I’m in the middle of a battle with nothing but two shields.

Its a tough one because I think games like Manhunt should be allowed the freedom they need to be developed but also should be restricted in publication by the level in which they choose to embellish the violence. I should be hearing about these games from other parents, not in conversations between the children. This is how it was though and I can remember being the child in those situations.

My son will have it tougher than most because this ol’ man won’t be an ignorant fool and I hope I won’t be alone.


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  1. Got to admit I have never play Manhunt and have no interest in playing 2. Hell I have no interest in any Rockstar games. (Yes I understand Bully is brilliant) I just don’t understand the Gore Porn genre.

    It is the same with Hostel 1 and 2, Saw 1,2,3,4. I don’t see the point of making games and movies where the plot line is decapitations and dismemberment.

    People may disagree with me on this and try to tell me these games and movies aren’t about senseless violence. But face it they are. People aren’t going to the theaters to see a detective solve a case they are going to see a dude get his face ripped off.

    Of course I am a huge TF2 fan now so am I now the kettle?

    Glad to see your are going to watch what your child plays and watches Brack. I have always thought it should never be the retailers job to parent peoples children in what they purchase. I would bet in 10% of the cases the ESRB ratings actually matter. Coming up though is a generation that is not stupid/ or turn a blind eye to video games and movies. (Just like my father’s generation that knew all the tricks to sneaking out and caught us every time. heh) We know what is on the up and up kids are going to have to work really hard to mess with us. (Of course I say that now. Ask me again in 20 years when I am regaling my nieces and nephews with stories of BBS’s and 2800 baud modems.)

    To totally mess with peoples minds I am going to end with this. Rockstar should release Manhunt2 as intended but only on the internet. I am not one to stand in the way of free speech.

    Comment by hailin | October 30, 2007 | Reply

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