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September in review

Taking one out of Wilhelm’s book, here’s a look at the past month of my gaming, blogging, and RL.

Happenings in the blogroll
Its been a great month in the blogroll and a lot has been going on.

  • Amber Night took a trip over to the Wood and has some excellent news in her personal life.
  • Darren put out a great couple of episodes of Shut Up. We’re Talking! despite another check on his ability to keep a female co-host. Don’t worry Darren, shes out there somewhere for you.
  • Rao at Gestalt seems to have dug himself out of his gaming slump by choosing to return to EQ2. Wish I had started on the same server as you Rao as we could have used another great player in out trio.
  • Adele took a leave of absence from her co-hosting to take a new RL job. Go over and wish her the best of luck!
  • Cuppy’s new job seems to be getting much busier with their recent release of MetaPlace.
  • Jaye got bitten by the podcast bug and made more than one appearance this month.
  • Keen and Graev put out, in my opinion, their best podcast yet. Consoles, MMOs, and the blogging community are all covered in their bi-weekly show.
  • P0tsh0t tipped us off to Luke Duke’s appearance in LotRO and continues his journey to lift the veil of anonymity in MMOs and out our well known celebrities.
  • Bildo got a new tablet and is putting out more episodes of his comic. Let him know what you think.
  • Cameron got engaged and is also tempting the rough waters of Vanguard.
  • Pixiestyx gave an update on the state of the theoretical MMO and took some time off.
  • Wife Aggro gives us some updated posts about his WoW adventuring and also an excellent article about being an effective guild leader.
  • Troy blasted us with more episodes of his Voyages of Vanguard and EQual Perspectives. Rumor is he is actually a bionic-man engineered by SOE after a freak accident with one of their server squirrels. Be thankful we have him.
  • Seth and Rage are back in full swing and have released episode 30 of their show. Gratz on 30 guys!
  • Tobold made a balanced and comprehensive overview of three of the major crafting systems out there and convinced me to take another chance with this sphere of gameplay.

RL musings
My son has yet to let me actually build anything with his new cache of wooden blocks.
Playing a female character in MMOs may no longer be advantageous. I don’t know how I will maintain my standing as a great player now. /sarcasm
Podcasts are almost as enjoyable to be in as they are to listen to.
The barrier between RL and the blog-o-sphere is smaller than I thought.

Gaming goodness
I’m taking a brief departure from Middle Earth and dipping my lore hungry brain in the world of Norrath. So far my decision to do this has been one of the better choices I have made and the community within Antonia Bayle has been a welcome change of maturity. I had planned on waiting for Kendricke to finish his discussion on deities before making my decision on which path to follow, but the temptation to dive right in got the best of me. If you want to explore a world that epitomizes the spirit of lore driven content and offers its heroes multiple routes for advancement, be sure to check out Everquest 2.

I had hoped to take part in the testing of Pirates of the Burning Sea but the authorization process seems to take a bit longer than I had thought. I hope that everyone in the beta is doing their best to give Flying Labs as much information as possible and going over every inch of that game. Remember, if you are in a beta – Test the game!

Stats and links
It seems my brief post on Haudh Iarchith has been drawing a lot of eyes from the local search engines. If anyone has a good walk through on this LotRO dungeon, forward them along and I’ll tag some linkage to the end for those weary adventurers.
Brent posted links to a couple of my recent articles and drew some great traffic to the site. Thanks Brent.

Overall, an interesting and eventful month for everyone. Didn’t September used to be the most dreaded month of the year? Maybe that was just high school.


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  1. Nice writeup.

    I also think it would have been fun if we had been on the same server. I actually had intended to play on AB and either join Mistwalkers or Slow Burn. But, those plans changed once I discovered my friend over on Unrest.

    I’m glad that I did though. I’m having a blast over there. This guild I’m in is a great group of people… mature and just out to have a good time. They are very helpful and have showed me endless patience as I ask my unending questions about the game.

    Comment by rao | October 1, 2007 | Reply

  2. Thanks for the linkage, Brack. 🙂

    Comment by Bildo | October 6, 2007 | Reply

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