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On the most recent episode of Shut Up We’re Talking, there was a conversation about the possibility of players being able to contract work out to companies outside of the game for in-game services.  Raid leaders, guild managers, tour guides, and personal trainers were all talked about here and I can’t help but think of the good and the bad that would come with something like this.

Raid Leaders
This more than any of the four scenarios mentioned above, would be the most beneficial to small guilds who wish to experience the more difficult content of today’s MMOs.  What a guild lacking the actual manpower to do the run, a professional outside service with dedicated crew and players could provide.
The Good

  • Players would simply need to provide the needed currency and time available for content, the contracted companies would bring along all needed expendables.
  • Companies could offer additional benefits like guild pictures, movies and even T-Shirts.
  • Reviews based on prior experiences would likely be available on the net and guilds would have a good idea of who to trust and who not to trust.
  • Various levels of service.  Private runs and Semi-privates raids could allow for a variety of costs to choose from.  Also, prerequisite runs could also be arranged for players needing keys and certain restrictions lifted before the raid was started.

The Bad

  • The sheer amount of instances and raid content spanning a lot of the more common games would put pressure on these companies to meet the demand that would be there. Pricing and participation may vary, see server for details.
  • Flat rate or hourly fees?  Could that person in your guild that has gone afk so many times before now actually be costing your guild money?
  • Guarantees would be hard to nail down.  The goal and expectations of the event would have to be agreed upon before transferring any money or agreeing to any contract.

The Ugly

  • If a service like this was sanctioned by the publishers and developers of these games, and real world currency was the method of payment, I can’t see any way that the gold farmers wouldn’t want to get into this.  They would have more of a problem with this as they have a bigger barrier to overcome with some of their future customers, speaking their language.

I plan on talking a bit more about the other three services later this week, but my work load today needs some definite attention.  I will say this though, I can’t see a service like this being available to players unless the developers/publishers of the game are the ones providing the service or in some agreement with these outside companies.  Either way, that is beyond my scope of knowledge.


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Shut Up. I talked on Episode #9

This weekend I was invited to sit down with Darren, Brent and Troy for the most recent episode of Shut up. We’re Talking.  It was a great experience as I have developed a greater respect for these guys and all of the podcasters out there.  It takes a great amount of work to put together shows like these and probably large amounts of alcoholic beverages as well.

Here are the show notes:

Shut Up! We’re Talking #9

– Introductions
– Listener mail/What we’re playing
– Are Bloggers Press?
– Family Aggro…disspell please
– Help Wanted
– Non-Beta-Tester, umm, testing.
– Blog of the Week

It was nice to have Troy stop by mid show and take the place of Theresa (Flying Labs CM) as I have been a fan of both his shows since they released.  They are all great guys and if you haven’t heard their shows yet, stop by and click on the podcast link at the top.  Brent hosts the Virgin Worlds podcast and runs the entire site, Troy is the host of Voyages of Vanguard and also EQual Perspectives.  Take a listen and leave your comments for them, because they always want to hear from the listeners.

I have about 4 days worth of content for the blog waiting to be written, so stop on by or watch your reader for some information about EQ2 and my entire post about Darren’s Are Bloggers Press post last week.

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