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Keep the ball rolling

I’m going to show a bit of the marshmallow filling here. This is my sticky and spongy centerLess_QQ that doesn’t show unless ripped out or bit into.   Maybe its because its raining.  Maybe its because PvtHudson hit a nerve in me and forced me to watch Beaches last night.  Alone.  With 15 ice-cream snickers bars.

I think I am just coming down from the sugar.

I want to talk a bit about the good times.  No matter what type of gamer you are, you have them. Good times with groups of people that you have never met before and in some cases, never see again. All it takes is the right amalgamation of player styles to bring a group together and make what would be an uneventful quest, worthy of memory. Everything just clicks.

These happen to me a lot because I do in fact respond to people calling for help on quests. I don’t mean the spammers or the overly excessive acronymic calls for more. If I hear that one person is doing a quest and I happen to be in the area and not needed elsewhere, I join up. Sometimes I end up kicking myself for doing it, but more often than not, the group either does well, or does really well.

The hard part here is repeating that event.

Some people give their thanks and walk away, usually to just become an acquaintance or nameplate at the auction hall. Some drop group and disappear as if you were nothing but a NPC, there for the one time use buff and now a hassle to deal with. There are a few though who take the time to show their thanks and want to do more. They are psyched because they are having such a great time and just want to keep it going. At the end of those groups, its hard to remain modest for your contribution. Its as if you had a strong hand in giving that player their best moment in the game thus far. You simultaneously enter each other in the friends list, but as the days pass and you fail to meet up again, they too will blend in as a recognizable name, but a connection lost.

What makes it harder still is when you do meet someone who is a perfect fit to your group and it turns out they are in another guild. I have always played with the understanding: You do not recruit guilded players unless they originate the interest themselves. Its a known taboo and can quickly lead to bad situations.

All I am suggesting is that if you find you are having a really good time, not just with the content but the player you are with, do everything you can to stay in touch with that person. Make an effort to contact them again because there is nothing wrong with having a great group every night you play.


September 11, 2007 - Posted by | Rants

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  1. Some of my favorite gaming buddies I’ve met via random groups. You kind of know the folks who you click with, and those you don’t. Those I click with and enjoyed playing the game with, I’ll put on my friends list and try to stay in touch, hopefully tackling more content together.
    I’ve been introduced to guilds that way, and also found recruits for guilds I’ve been in.

    O.k..back to the T.V. I’ve got “On Golden Pond” paused and my Klondike bar is melting.

    Comment by KevinC | September 11, 2007 | Reply

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