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Well its about time

What a pleasant surprise to log-in to my Google Reader account and see some very good and much needed changes. The full article can be found over at the Google Reader blog.  Two of the biggest changes are a search function and an unread article count that goes higher than 100.

[borat voice] Verrry Nice.

The lack of the search function was one of my major pet peeves with reader and I was dumbfounded as to why it was not something that was an innate part of the program. I mean this is Google we are talking about here.  What makes this function great though, is it has the ability to not only search through what you have read and tagged, but also the archives of the sites you have subscribed too.

The updated post count just made me realize that today is official house cleaning day. I think this should help keep me more in tune to what I want to read and what I can read.

Also, I’m going to throw in a tip for everyone else who happens to use Google Reader.  Are you having trouble remembering what site you posted that comment on last week?  If you areReader Tag like me, you probably make a variety of posts throughout the day but forget to follow-up on the topic the following day.

One way I have found to remind myself to look back is before I leave Google Reader to make a comment, I append an additional tag on the article I am going to post on.  This places that article in an additional folder for you to scroll through!  Its like a repository of every article you have made a comment on.

Hope that helps!


September 6, 2007 - Posted by | Brainstorms, Reviews

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  1. Borat voice again:

    “HIGH FIVE!”

    Comment by pvthudson | September 7, 2007 | Reply

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