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Magic 8 Ball says

This weekend I finally got around to listening to a SXSW panel discussion that I had on my MP3 player for about 2 weeks. This panel had Raph Koster of Areae, John Bacus of Google/Sketch-Up, Jamaia Cascio from Open the Future, and Jeffery Paffendorf of The Electric Sheep Company. I cannot remember who originally linked me this recording, but it kept me up for about two hours last night thinking, so thank you.

I must have been in a rush to leave work on the day I originally downloaded the audio, because if I had learned who was actually speaking I would have immediately listened to it. I remember playing with Sketch-Up last year and the first things that came to mind when I created some basic models was how easy it was and how this must get integrated into the future of gaming. Here was a tool that allowed me to create objects in seconds and then upload them to a repository that could be accessed and downloaded by anyone who had an Internet access.

I can’t believe that there is an actual discussion going on about this! We truly are at a unique step in the evolution of gaming and I am loving it. When the day comes that I spend more time on my porch than behind the keyboard, I will be thankful for these years and the joy and suspense they bring. I know that fun days are ahead.Outlook is good.


August 27, 2007 - Posted by | Industry

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