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I’m Convinced

RSS ImageI’ve been sitting on the fence about my rss feed since I started this blog, but after reading m3mnochs recent article, I think its time to make some changes.

He makes some really great points in his article, and it convinced me to stop cutting off my articles.  In the end it all comes down to accessibility. Websites get added to my company’s firewall everyday and I find myself relying more and more on my rss reader to keep me in the loop. The iron curtain of employee efficiency seems to be preventing not only me but a lot of other readers from accessing their much needed daily dose of gaming goodness.

From this day forward I will try to refrain from using the <—more–> function.

Hope this helps those of you on the other side.


August 24, 2007 - Posted by | RL

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  1. Probably a good way to go. That’s the main reason I don’t use it, so that folks using a reader can just get the full text.

    Comment by KevinC | August 25, 2007 | Reply

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