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China recruits Flanders

Ned Flanders DevilThe past four days have been anything but my regular routine. I have been bewitched by the Book-that-must-not-be-named.


After spending 4 hours on the porch swatting away various bugs and accidentally using my coffee mug as an ash tray two times, I went inside and sat on the couch to read. Its nice to be on the final book now as I have spent the last week reading Book 5 and 6 for the first time. I stopped reading the series after someone in WoW spoiled Half-Blood Prince for me and I never had the inkling to pick it back up until now. Something about the finality of the story drew me back in. Also, having all of the books in the room tempted me like having the entire series of a TV show on DVD, you know you wont have to wait 6 months to see what happens next.

To prevent some jerk from spoiling the last book for me, I have stopped logging into any MMO until I finish. I’m lucky enough to be in a guild that has the MOTD saying “Any Harry Potter spoilers will follow with a /gkick, no matter who you are!” I’m still not going to risk it. Its bad enough I almost heard some of it from one of my local radio stations the other day. They were doing some crappy bit and filming peoples reactions when they were trying to leak the end of the story at the midnight release of the book. I think I shut it off just in time but I really doubt this book can be ruined in one sentence like the previous one.

So I sat on the couch again last night, determined to finish the book while my wife logged into her LotRO character and was playing around a bit, talking to some friends of ours. She was excited because she had some mail and was on the way to Bree to pick it up. My first idea of who the sender would be is a Gold Seller and this was confirmed by the groans coming from the computer.
“Gold Seller?” I asked.
“Yeah, Ned Flanders wants to sell me 10 gold for 12$.”
I was stunned.
“Ned Flanders?”
“Yeah” she said, “Wonder if it comes with a free bible.”

I couldn’t believe that the Gold Seller was using Ned Flanders as their name. This is blasphemous! I highly doubt that Flanders would think this sort of diddly doodly is okay for a church going Christian to participate in. In fact, if Maude found out, she would probably rally and storm Turbine blaming them for her husbands transgressions.

Its probably just because of the recent release of the movie that they decided to use Ned’s name, hoping to glean a few more sales with the personal approach of a familiar name. I highly doubt any kids are going to think that it must be okay buying gold if Ned is supporting it. It makes me wonder what else these gold selling sites have up their sleeves. Eventually, MMO developers will find a way to stop unwanted email and spam /tells and they will have to find a new way to pimp their goods.



August 3, 2007 - Posted by | LOTRO, RL


  1. Gold sellers are the worst! I hate getting game mail from them and tell spam. How do you know it was from China? In my experiences with gold sellers most were Japanese but they all really came from all over, I got some American ones a few times. Nice blog BTW!

    Comment by Azlyn | August 6, 2007 | Reply


    I’m forwarding this post to Seth.

    Thanks for the laugh.

    Comment by Shaminey | August 21, 2007 | Reply

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