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SOE is trying to seduce me

Yesterday I received an interesting email from SOE in which they were trying very hard to pull me away from my current game to start anew in EQ2. They started off the message by acknowledging the fact I no longer subscribe to Vanguard and noted that they are working hard to meet the changes the community is demanding of the game. This scares me because it was those late comers to the beta that got the developers to change the Death Penalty to the state it is in now. They didn’t have altars or the ability to call your corpse in beta.

The email went on to really entice me though. It offered Everquest 2, all of the expansions, adventure packs and an opportunity to play until September for free!


Very tempting my precious.

I am enjoying LotRO a lot right now and do not see myself actually downloading this to jump in. You can’t say you didn’t try though SOE. Don’t worry though, I didn’t plan on returning to Vanguard until atleast September anyway. Ill give you the 3 months you may need to clean this up and I will be back.



July 20, 2007 - Posted by | EQ2, LOTRO, Vanguard


  1. They don’t even try with me anymore I don’t think. Every time I click the ‘cancel’ button, someone at Sony snickers, prints out the sheet, and carries it around the office saying, “Guess who just cancelled again.” The answering chorus shouts, “He’ll be back.”

    Since I first picked up EQ back in 1999, I think the longest I have gone without an active Sony subscription to one of their games is about 2 weeks… and I was out of town during those 2 weeks.

    Comment by Rao | July 20, 2007 | Reply

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  3. […] and EQ2 in tandem and on Sunday I was forced to make a decision between the two. My month long trial of Everquest 2 had come to an end and my recurring bill to Turbine was set to post to my account on […]

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