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The Evolution of Vanguard

SOE posted a big teaser last week of the next update to hit Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. This will be the largest change to hit the game since the last “Game Update” and the first real addition to the game by its new owners. Its plain to see that SOE is rushing to prove to the community that it can change this game for “the better” by removing or changing actual game mechanics that have been in since beta.

As I read through the update, I couldn’t help but organize the changes into various categories:

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SOE is trying to seduce me

Yesterday I received an interesting email from SOE in which they were trying very hard to pull me away from my current game to start anew in EQ2. They started off the message by acknowledging the fact I no longer subscribe to Vanguard and noted that they are working hard to meet the changes the community is demanding of the game. This scares me because it was those late comers to the beta that got the developers to change the Death Penalty to the state it is in now. They didn’t have altars or the ability to call your corpse in beta.

The email went on to really entice me though. It offered Everquest 2, all of the expansions, adventure packs and an opportunity to play until September for free!


Very tempting my precious.

I am enjoying LotRO a lot right now and do not see myself actually downloading this to jump in. You can’t say you didn’t try though SOE. Don’t worry though, I didn’t plan on returning to Vanguard until atleast September anyway. Ill give you the 3 months you may need to clean this up and I will be back.


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Another Feed Bag?

The other day I walked into my house to the sound of my son screaming with joy. Lotro Chicken Apparently my wife was doing the laundry and instead of trying to fight off my son while folding a sheet, she placed it over two of our computer chairs. It draped down over both of them creating a small tent and my son found this to be the greatest thing in the world.

He proceeded to gather all of his toys in the room and drag them into his new fort, hiding them in corners and in every cranny the sheet was making. We joined in by adding pillows and laid down a blanket for a nice soft floor. We watched him for about 40 minutes moving in and out of the fort so excited about this new look to the world.

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Outline for the future

Its obvious. Hiya!

I’m new to blogging and I’m trying to develop a predictable cycle for posting. I do not want this to become a place for really thoughtless posts or boring trackbacks.

I expect a schedule of weekly posts to develop on the coming weeks. I didn’t sign up for the non-habit-forming version of WordPress, so we should be seeing less slacking soon.

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My Saga of Ryzom

The recent episode of “Shut Up! We’re Talking” made me a little reminiscent of a game I used to play. Darren and Brent managed to drudge up a lot of old feelings and memories just by simply talking a little of their recent trial of Ryzom and their opinions about it. I’m sure the game has changed a lot since my time there but I’d like to write about it anyway.

Saga of Ryzom, as it was previously known, is the story of four races and how their lives intertwine with those of their Gods. I use Gods plural because at the time I played, there was much speculation as to if the world had one supreme being and who represents them on the planet. There are two larger factions in place that all Homins (races) will eventually interact with, the Kami and the Karavan. Much of the strife on the planet came from races aligning themselves with either of these two factions and the affects this loyalty had on the players. Continue reading

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Auto Assault Parked

It was announced yesterday that Auto Assault will be closing its doors and service at the end of August.

Today NCsoft is announcing that it will be closing down service for Auto Assault at the end of the summer. The service will close at midnight on August 31, 2007. As of today, any player currently in the service with an active billed account will not be billed again. If players have previously purchased time via multi-month billing or time cards that extends their service past July 31, NCsoft will reconcile these accounts appropriately. There will be more announcements coming soon regarding the shut down of Auto Assault and its impact on current accounts.

It hurts when any company drops a product like this and I really hate to see it happen.  I did participate in the beta program for Auto Assault and it was some of the most organized testing I have ever done.  The game released in a fairly complete state and with very few bugs from what I could tell.

The worst thing about this closing is the fact that NCSoft tried something new and failed with it.  Was it because they did a poor job with the design or because players were not ready to digest a Mad Max MMO?

The action in the game was fast paced and I loved almost everything about it.  Who wouldn’t?  I lived through every scene in Death Race 2000 I ever dreamed about!  It was disgusting and exhilarating, but in the end, not worth an additional $15 a month.

The crowd that would have really loved this game are those who are religiously tied to their consoles playing Twisted Metal and racing sims.  If NC could have somehow grabbed those players, they may have tapped a nice resource.

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