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Ding 30 RL!

Today I hit 30 years old and I’m running down some of the new skills I have attained recently.

Passive Skills:

  • Back HairYou no longer shiver in a cold breeze, but your companions may.
  • Nose HairYou gain a +2.0 to disease resistance, failure to meet the weekly upkeep will result in a morale debuff for your group.
  • No HairYour demand for faster run speed is rewarded by an aerodynamic upgrade to your head. This effect also increases swim speed and luck when rubbed obnoxiously.
  • RoundtuitThe time needed to complete crafting actions has been increased.  A success on starting a crafting process will now be limited the closer it come to completion

Activated Skills:

  • GrandeurYou’re chance of making lots of money are still out there, you use this to jump on any opportunity of making it. This skill has a 99.986% chance of failure.
  • Glutton By summoning a previously unknown power, you are able to eat large amounts of really bad food to increase your energy. This skill replaces “Gorge” which had a 30 minute increase to your encumbrance. Glutton has a 30 year static increase to your weight and can only be removed by Jim.
  • JimYou summon an overly enthusiastic NPC that increases your endurance, vitality, and strength. This will temporarily change your appearance and lower your intellect to the point that running in place actually sounds like a good idea at 5 in the morning.
  • Housing RepairYou can now engage in regular household repair and perform small projects.  This skill is affected by Roundtuit.

Well, they are definitely not all upgrades or beneficial but I’m holding out for “Retire” and “Golden Years” which I hear to be excellent end game skills.  Seems like a grind though to get them.



June 28, 2007 - Posted by | RL

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  1. Well congratulations on your level! You might want to repick your class though… seems your’s was nerfed. 😉

    Comment by Keen | June 30, 2007 | Reply

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