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VOIP Elite?

I think I am being spoiled by the implementation of integrated voice chat. I find myself limiting those I group with to only people who use the system. Its become a luxury I do not think I am ready to part with and will require any MMO I play to have in the future.

I pretty sure I know why I use it and prefer it over chat, but its more than just not having to type. Maybe it is the verbal freedom to vocally thrash those players in a pickup group when they perform poorly or inadvertently “Need” a drop. Maybe its the affirmation I receive when the 90 pound buxom rogue to my right is actually Lenny from the Bronx chewing down on 2 hot-dogs and washing them down with a six pack. It could just be the fact that some people respond better to commands heard rather than written.

To me, it all comes down to success and fun.  I have had many more successful group encounters when using this and it has even weeded some people with whom I wouldn’t want to group in the first place.  Just a couple of days ago, I used my usual advertisement in /LFF (the LFG channel for LOTRO) for starting a group.

Brackish says: “LFM for Great Barrows, Please only respond if you will use the mic or at-least turn on voice chat”
What is the next tell I get?
Captainforlyfe says: “Can I join? I dont use Mic or turn on?”

Now, I’m not saying that those who choose not to use voice chat are less skilled players.  It has everything to do with communication.   You cannot ignore the split second response of a verbal retreat or the dire yell from a Minstrel in trouble.  It just works.

If choosing to use voice chat and limiting myself to only those groups that use it, prevents me from playing with some great people, then so be it. I like what it has given me and I like what it may prevent for me. If this shaves off a couple years from the onset of carpal tunnel, then how could I truly ignore that?

There is also some hidden treasures of voice chat that I have yet to be explore. At some point I will need to try using subliminal comments.  If I get just the right crowd, I could walk away with some decent loot and everyone would be happy about it. Jedi Mind tricks through Voice Chat? Obi-wan would not be impressed.


June 26, 2007 - Posted by | LOTRO, Rants

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