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Tempt Me

I think its safe to come into the water now.  I’ll do my best to wade through this tepid slime of lingering resentment and disappointment and deliver my hope on the future of Vanguard.

I served my time and gave the game more than its share of help.  I started Beta in March of 2006 and continued off and on until release.  The birth of my son during this period made my usual playtime much harder to keep and restricted me to solo play, a small portion of the game.

After Vanguard released, I played many characters on the Shidreth server and leveled a Psionicist to Adventuring-30, Minerologist-32.  I also spent a lot of time working with in the wiki team as a content provider.  Its sad to say that the project may never see the light of day due to lack of coordination and a drop in team members.

Dear Vanguard,

I did not resubscribe this month.  You have been hurting a lot of my friends computers and I dont think I can talk about you anymore.  I try to find the good points about you but in the end it all comes out wrong.

I am asking you to tempt me to come back.  While I like the idea of a player island, its not going to be enough for me.  Your player island may help and entice people who have never played you before, but I have and I know where the issues are.  If you send me an e-mail inviting me to come back and enjoy a free weekend or even 7 days in Vanguard, you will be added to my Spam filter.

If you want me back, please tempt me.

  • Show me that you care and have truly solved issues with grouping.  This includes the chat, losing members crossing chunks, and inviting players across the world.
  • Show me the new LFG window and the functions available.  Do not just put a blurb on your site saying we fixed it.  Show me.
  • You are revamping Diplomacy, please be careful with changes.  This is one of your most wonderful features and I would hate to see this become “Enhanced.”
  • Prove to me that you want to run on lower end systems.  Just because my wife gets the hand-me-down computer parts, doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be able to even run your game.  I’m sorry but LOTRO even runs on 512mb of ram.  If you can get this to run well on a gig of ram, I will give you a star for the day.
  • If you are going to instance parts of the world, do it for good reason.  Try not to break the immersion you have been going for since the beginning.
  • Spending countless days building one of the largest boats in the game to find out you have to go through a portal to reach the other continents is not an example of freedom.  Change this and please add something to the water, I still can’t believe there is no life whatsoever in your vast ocean.
  • The new mount quests that went in some time ago were grueling but fun for me.  Please bring more quests like these back to the game. Tempt me to logon to finish the last line of a 10 part quest instead of gathering that last turtle shell for some NPC I will never talk to again.

I have yet to un-install the whopping 21 gigabytes you have been allotted on my hard drive.  I’m giving you three months before you become erased and move up onto the shelf with Star Wars Galaxies.  I’m taking this time to gather my friends and recover in Middle Earth, use it to your advantage.



June 25, 2007 - Posted by | RL, Vanguard

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