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Glowing like a Nightlight

The other night I received one the my first purple colored rares in LOTRO. Well, to be honest, my wife looted it and I convinced her to give it to my character. Hey, she’s a Guardian and I was playing my Champion and the actual drop was a two-handed mace. I tried to rationalize with her and explain the mechanics of why the Champion should be using this type of weapon and the benefits of Armor Class for Guardians, but in the end she relented because she knew I just really wanted to play with it. Never underestimate the advantage of playing with your spouse.

I mean, who wouldn’t? You are a level low level player who just picked up this massive two-hander and now possesses the ability to smite his enemies with dwarven imbued damage! I don’t know the real benefits of these named damage types yet but its Dwarven Damage!! A chance like this hasn’t emerged since Jerry picked up the brass knuckles in 3 O’clock High. Smite! Smite!

This was the 6th character I had raised past level 10 and I knew the area well. It was like a hot knife through butta, my enemies were falling at my feet and my wife was barely able to keep up. I was cackling and shouting in strange tongue to the flat-screen, she was gawking and muttering to herself. When we took a moment to loot the bodies, wipe the drool from the corner of my mouth and figure out where my frenzy had brought us on the map, when I noticed something odd about the weapon.

A strange spark of light was showing up on the spike coming out of the top of the mace. It was tiny, I mean teeny tiny. I had to zoom in and center it just right on my screen and then wait at-least a minute and a half to catch it.

“There!! Do you see it?” I was asking my wife.
” I don’t know what you are talking about, maybe you should relog honey.”

I don’t care what possessed the dev to who created this mace to put this little nightlight of a glow on it but I am still psyched about it. Its like washing a crap-box of a car, it runs better and gets better gas mileage for the next two weeks. This mace breathed new life into a character I would never have considered playing beyond 10 and I am glad I did.

I am now level 16 and still carrying the mace with me and I don’t see it leaving me anytime soon. However, somehow my wife has managed to bilk 3 other purple drops out of me with some dwarven imbued guilt trip. Never underestimate the advantage of playing with your spouse.


June 21, 2007 - Posted by | LOTRO

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